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Home Networking

More families are finding the need for more than one computer.  Mom and Dad are busy professionals that either work from home or bring work home.  The kids have their own computer to surf, play games, and do homework.  This arrangement works fine until internet access is needed by everyone at the same time.  For the same cost of an additional phone line and ISP account at 56k speed – everyone could be winging their way through the web at over 1000k at the same time using cable or DSL internet service. 

Once the network is in place, printer sharing can be implemented so only one printer will need to be purchased.  File sharing allows for the easy transfer of documents such as pictures from one computer to another.  For example – if your digital camera is setup to save pictures to one computer, those pictures can be made instantly available to other computers on your network.  Sharing disk space between computers allows for a very inexpensive backup solution.  Simply copy your important files to a shared folder on a different computer on the network – or use any of the numerous backup applications available – or even file compression software such as WinZip.

We can assist you in equipment installation, broadband activation, computer configuration, and troubleshooting.

Small Office Networking

All of the benefits of Home Networking are true for your small office as well.

  • Internet access sharing

  • Printer & peripheral sharing

  • Backup

  • Monitoring web access

  • Allowing remote access

Business Networking

Just like the scenarios above – but with more stuff – more users, more servers, more printers, and special purpose items such as barcode scanning systems, label printers, and e-mail systems.

Network Upgrades & Repair

Things move and things change - your network needs to grow and change with you.  Adding additional office space, moving data collection stations on the shop floor, jumping to the next level of network speed, or when nothing works finding where the bits are leaking out of the wires are all events and situations we have dealt with in the past.  Sometimes it is as simple as power cycling a switch - other times battle must be waged against the evil tentacle beast lurking in the back of the network wiring closet.

Computer upgrades & repair

Sooner or later it’s going to happen.  You’ll either pack one too many pictures or mp3’s on your drive and that’s it – no more space.  Granted, it’s not a bad situation, but it isn’t terribly convenient either.  Next step – hard drive upgrade.  Far better to just run out of drive space then have the drive crash taking everything you hold dear with it.  We can help get your computer up and running again – and maybe even recover some of your hopelessly lost data.  We can also upgrade your system memory or processor to squeeze out that last bit of performance from your old system.

Server upgrades & repair

As your business grows, so does it’s storage needs.  Adding capacity to a file server is just part of regular maintenance.  Capacity can be added directly to the server or as a Network Attached Storage system (NAS).  Down the road you might outgrow the capabilities of your current server and need a new one – but the headache of duplicating / moving all your information leaves you longing for a winning lottery ticket.

Disaster recovery

The worst case scenario must be planned for, but all to often its not.  What you and your organization does before an actual emergency, directly affects what must be done during and after.  With early planning and commitment to procedure, you can be up and running again with a minimum of down time and blood pressure readings near normal.  In the event that the best laid plans often come to naught ….  We can help put the pieces back together. 

Application Conversions

Application conversions or application upgrades – every organization encounters them.  Your company’s ERP software vendor may release annual upgrades that require installations on each workstation then a huge time requirement for converting the database from one version to the next.  Then and only then can the new version be evaluated and the determination be made if all the data converted successfully. 

What we have done in the past, has been to drop in a “loaner” server.  The “loaner” will be built to be as close a working copy of the original as possible, usually with a tad more ponies under the hood.  Then the application is restored to the “loaner” and the conversion process can be accomplished offline.  This enables all parties to verify the vendors procedures are accurate, get answers to questions if they arise, determine the actual amount of downtime needed, and allow the end users a chance to take the upgraded system for a test drive.  Once everyone is satisfied, then the final conversion can be scheduled with a minimum of impact to the business.
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