Serving Earth from Grand Rapids, Michigan
Phone: 616-957-4778 Fax: 413-410-6349
Home Planet Networks is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan on the beautiful blue third planet from the Sun in a rather mundane stellar neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy. 

Helping our customers is why we are here.  Computers can be frustrating enough – with bad software – flaky video drivers – stubborn modems – and cranky cd drives.  Now add the internet and along comes – email worms – vicious virus’s – popup ads everywhere – and spyware.  Tie both together with a network and it’s no wonder large companies have support staff.  But what is the average homeowner or small business owner to do?

That’s where Home Planet Networks comes in to lend a helping hand.  It’s great to know there is someone you can count on to make your computer networking experience a positive one.  Whether we are wiring your new home, tracking down wireless network interference, or proving to your ISP that the problem is theirs, we are committed to making the customer happy.  You have better things to do then sit on hold or be trapped in voice mail the rest of your life. 

The best news of all is that just like computers, the cost of networking equipment has dropped substantially – making it all the more affordable to gain the convenience that a small network can provide.

Let the experience of Home Planet Networks work for you – our owner can remember all the way back to his days at IBM when 4.77 MHz was FAST and 16KB  (kilo-byte) of RAM was HUGE.  (Did you know the original IBM PC had a cassette port for storing & loading programs using tape players?)

We have setup wired & wireless networks in warehouses, factories, offices, and homes. 

  • Pulled thousands of feet of cable. 
  • Upgraded terabytes of hard drives.
  • Upgraded megabytes of memory.
  • ‘Dualed’ processors,
  • Battled viruses and
  • Climbed on top of tall buildings.


  • custom built servers
  • custom built workstations
  • disaster recovery
  • application upgrades and trial conversions